Going to the Dogs: Canine Humane Network

"Let's wrap it!" Timber thinks a curly ribbon would dress up our aerial lift when it visits the Canine Humane Network.
“Let’s wrap it!” Timber thinks a curly ribbon would dress up our aerial lift when it visits the Canine Humane Network.

Our mascot Timber is a generous, if pampered, pup, and he was really pleased to see (and smell) us after our visit last week to the Canine Humane Network. So many intriguing rescue dog scents!

We were pleased ourselves to be able to help this worthy organization. They had a rather large and very dead tree towering close to their headquarters in the Highland area of Howard County. It was brittle and showering down branches on the roof and the dogs at play (sometimes to their delight but still not safe). Time for Tree Pros action!

With our aerial lift we made short work of the tree. We were able to maneuver carefully and avoid doing damage to a statue marking an puppy grave near the tree’s base as well as the young saplings surrounding it.

Tree Pros at the Canine Humane Network
Tree Pros at the Canine Humane Network

Canine Humane Network definitely deserves their newly safe space. Founded in 2016, they have since saved over 2,000 dogs (and counting). About 80 percent of these dogs are sent to them from other agencies when time and resources run out there, in not only from Maryland shelters but also Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana. Canine Humane Network gives these dogs a second chance at finding a forever home, and places them all.

This rescue organization also provides training classes for dogs and puppies. These are offered both in small group settings (COVID safety protocols observed) and virtually. There’s a one-on-one “manners package” available online as well as behavioral consultations for more serious issues.

Well over twenty dogs were listed on the Canine Humane Network’s adoption page at the time of writing. They varied from a ten-week-old boxer mix to a “Scooby Doo lookalike” and a ten-year-old beagle mix in need of hospice care. Check periodically if you’re looking for a furry friend; there are always lots of options.

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One cutie recently for adoption at Canine Humane Network.

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