Storm Season: Get Your Trees Checked

Lightning, wind, torrential rain--and falling trees? Avoid what you can.
Lightning, wind, torrential rain–and falling trees? Avoid what you can.

We are now entering the heart of storm season. Howard County is more likely to see tropical storms, hurricanes, and just plain nasty heat-of-summer cloudbursts now than at any other time of the year. And even if your ancient front yard oak has survived a thousand storms, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fit to stand through one more.

Any doubts? Find out. Tree Pros will provide a free “storm fitness” review of your trees, identifying areas of concern prior to Mother Nature’s harsher tests.

We have skills to do more than removal. A treasured older tree can be strengthened with cables and bracing. A tall isolated tree can be shielded with lightning protection. Often pruning and removal of deadwood can make a big difference (see our recent post on effects of wind on even a healthy tree).

Clearing storm damaged trees away is a common call for Tree Pros these days, and we’re among the best at it (in addition to being licensed and fully insured). But we’d far rather spend time with living trees, helping them to survive this season. Call us at (410) 771-1717 or drop us a note to schedule your free storm fitness review.


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