Winter’s Best: Dormancy and Discounts

Not many realize what a great time winter is to schedule tree care with Tree Pros.
Not many realize what a great time winter is to schedule tree care

Trees don’t show off bright buds and blooms in winter as they do in spring. They don’t offer the welcome leafy shade of summer. Brilliant colors of autumn have gone by. But if you want to prepare your trees for year-round success, winter can be the very best time of year.

  • Fewer leaves, less vine and weed growth means it’s easier to immediately see the shape and condition of your trees. We can quickly make a diagnosis and plan to beautify and strengthen future growth.
  • Seasonal dormancy also makes winter an ideal time to trim or prune the great majority of trees. The tree will experience less stress than it would during its growing season. There are many fewer potential threats to fruiting and flowering. Sap from pruning cuts will not flow as freely, and is less likely to attract insects and pathogens (many of which are also dormant in winter). 
  • Want your lawn all clean and nice? We’re perfectionists that way but the lack of leaves and the frozen ground of winter’s best days make it easy.

Not many people think about winter as a time for tree service. They’re indoors; things seem dead; they figure it’s like mowing the grass. Call in the spring. But that means missing a great opportunity.

Not only is winter the best time for many tree services, Tree Pros makes winter the best time for your wallet. Each year, sometime around Thanksgiving, we announce special discounts to make the season bright!

For winter 2021-22, you can get 25% off any new project with the exception of crane work and treatment applications. All work must be completed by March 1, 2022; please reserve now as our schedule is limited. Call (410) 771-1717.


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