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Tree Pruning vs. Trimming: What’s the Difference?

pruning vs trimming

We’re all likely guilty of lumping pruning and trimming together as one and the same, as pruning and trimming may seem relatively similar. But you will find subtle distinctions between them. 

That being said, both play an essential role in keeping your trees looking lovely and safe. 

In this blog post, Clarksville’s tree trimming and pruning specialists will take a closer look at pruning vs. trimming so you can determine which approach will work best for your wood companions.

Trimming Your Trees: A Guide to Proper Care

Trimming your trees, shrubs, and hedges gives them the TLC they need to grow right. It usually involves snipping away any excess twigs and leaves so they look more pleasing to the eye. Doing this not only encourages faster growth but makes the remaining foliage thicker. 

Proper trimming is necessary for maintaining a healthy tree, but going overboard with shearing can be catastrophic. Experts caution against trimming off more than 20% of the leaves in any given session. 

What’s the Deal With Tree Pruning? 

You prune your trees mainly to remove diseased or dead branches from your healthy trees. You can also use this technique to get rid of random growths causing your trees to spread in places where no one wants them. This includes limbs growing toward power lines and obstructing buildings. 

Major Distinctions Between Pruning and Trimming

Weighing up pruning vs. trimming? Consider these things before you make your decision:

  • Pruning takes out unwanted and diseased branches. Trimming your tree boosts healthy growth. 
  • Pruning involves the use of sheers. Besides sheers, you may also need saws and trimmers for the tree-trimming process. 
  • Pruning once per year is fine. But we advise giving your trees a trim every six months, and the best time to do so is right after the blooming cycle begins!

What Tools Do You Need for Pruning vs. Trimming?

When it comes to trimming trees, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Whether you’ll need some manual labor or power tools suited for the task depends on how big and gnarly your tree is. 

You can use branch shears, chainsaws, and pole pruners. But nothing can beat manual branch shears for trimming. Not only do they prove incredibly efficient, but they’re also super easy to clean and maintain. 

Pruning is no easy feat. You’ll need quality tools like clippers or loppers with six- to 10-inch blades; the thicker branches require longer blades. Saws and chainsaws can make your work even easier. 

You’ll often use a chainsaw for chopping off large branches. Shears and loppers can work for smaller trees and shrubs. However, nothing can beat the superior precision of long-handled loppers when it comes to pruning a tree. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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