How to Identify Dangerous Trees: Three Signs to Look For

Trees are wondrous natural specimens that can elevate any Clarksville property’s curbside appeal. However, sometimes trees become dangerous and can put your property and even your family at risk. Unfortunately, many Clarksville, MD, residents don’t know how to identify dangerous trees until it’s too late.

That’s why Tree Pros put together a few common signs of a dangerous tree so you can remove it before it adversely affects your home or business.

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Three Signs of a Dangerous Tree in Clarksville, MD

Identifying dangerous or deadly trees isn’t always easy. Fortunately, most trees emit signs when they become dangerous, allowing you to spot and remove them before they jeopardize your property. Below are a few common signs of a dangerous tree in Clarksville, MD.

1. Damaged, Broken, or Hanging Branches

Broken and hanging tree branches are extremely dangerous and can fall on you, your vehicle, or home unexpectedly. Heavy limbs can cause significant property damage and injuries if you don’t remove them swiftly. If one of your trees has hanging or damaged limbs, contact a professional arborist to remove them as soon as possible.

2. Tree Leaning

Although minor tree leaning is nothing to worry about, dramatic leaning is a serious safety hazard. Excessive leaning makes the tree more prone to falling, putting its surroundings at risk. It’s best to hire a tree inspector to evaluate a leaning tree and determine if removal is necessary.

3. Root Damage

Roots are the most important part of the tree. Without a healthy root system, trees can’t harvest or transport moisture, causing them to wilt and eventually die. 

Trees with damaged roots are more likely to fall and cause damage since the roots can’t keep the tree in place. Since the roots can’t provide water to the rest of the tree, it will become brittle and potentially dangerous. 

If you notice any of the following, contact a professional arborist to evaluate your tree’s root system.

  • Wilting
  • Thinning foliage
  • Undersized leaves
  • Dead branches
  • Stunted growth

The arborists at Tree Pros can help you identify dangerous trees and will remove them if they threaten your property or family.

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