Do You Need to Seal Pruned Tree Limbs?

do you need to seal pruned tree limbs

Do you need to seal pruned tree limbs for the sake of the tree’s health? There was a time when sealing pruning cuts was the norm. In fact, a generation of tree owners believed that applying a sealer was an integral part of proper pruning. 

Today’s arborists heavily advise against it, though. So, let’s talk about why Clarksville’s expert tree trimming and pruning service providers say you shouldn’t seal a pruning wound if you want healthy trees.

What Is a Pruning Sealer?

Products advertised as pruning sealers are specially designed with waterproofing qualities. People apply them to an exposed cut after pruning, like wound dressings for trees. 

Previously, many people believed that these products aided the healing process, minimized sap loss, and protected the tree from decay. However, more recent research has shown that it is far better to let your trees heal naturally.

Why You Don’t Need to Seal Pruned Tree Limbs

Do you need to seal pruned tree limbs occasionally or not at all? Since it was a practice that tree owners accepted, it’s common for some to wonder if they should continue sealing pruning cuts. However, sealing pruned limbs is not only unnecessary, but it can also be damaging and interfere with the tree’s recovery.

Trees don’t heal the same way we do. Instead, they use compartmentalization and callus tissues to isolate the damage and prevent decay. Most sealants are petroleum-based products, which trap moisture to result in the following for your tree’s pruning wound:

  • Seal in decay
  • Prevent the essential callus tissue from forming
  • Serve as a food source for pathogens
  • Prevent compartmentalization processes

If the sealant cracks, it will also leave your tree vulnerable to diseases, especially since the tree was unable to form the protective callus tissue.

What About Natural Sealants?

You’ve probably come across products that claim to use natural ingredients like collagen, aloe vera, and pectin. These options might be safe to use, but experts are yet to see a noticeable benefit for the tree compared to letting it heal naturally.

How to Remove Pruning Sealer

Have you already applied the sealer and are wondering if it has caused your tree irreparable damage? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. 

The best thing you can do may be to remove the sealant. However, due to its chemical makeup, you can’t just peel it off. And after removing it, experts like Tree Pros will need to make a new cut, either a quarter or half an inch below the branch collar, to trigger the compartmentalization process and allow the tree to recover.

Professional Pruning Services in Clarksville, MD

Do you need to seal pruned tree limbs if the tree has health issues? No, even then, sealing your tree’s pruning wound is unnecessary. You should also leave every aspect of the pruning process to trained professionals that are familiar with the different types of tree pruning and how to perform them correctly.

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