Three Reasons to Hire an Arborist: Understanding the Benefits

It’s true you can care for your trees yourself. However, you can’t downplay the significance of a qualified arborist. 

An arborist is a professional with advanced skills in arboriculture. They specialize in the study, care, and maintenance of trees. In this post, our tree service company in Clarksville explores the top three reasons you should hire an arborist. 

1. Expertise

An arborist has the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure you have healthy trees on your property, including understanding unique phenomena like tree burls and how to manage them. They understand every aspect of tree care and will address all your concerns exhaustively, ensuring that even unusual growths or conditions are properly cared for.

As a certified tree expert, an arborist will advise you on improving tree health with practices like proper pruning, planting, and emergency tree care. Keep in mind that not all tree care service providers are legitimate; asking these questions will help you find a qualified arborist:

  • Are you licensed and insured? The biggest mistake you can make is hiring an arborist without a valid license and insurance. Be sure to inquire about both before signing a deal with any tree care service. 
  • Do you have any credentials? Hiring a TCIA-accredited company means you’ll receive top-quality service. These companies possess the best industry knowledge and understand all safety procedures. 
  • Are your arborists certified? A reputable tree service company should have their arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. 
  • Can you provide references? Stay away from arborists and tree care services that don’t have customer referrals and testimonials on hand. 

2. Proper Equipment

Another major reason to hire an arborist is that you’ll have access to appropriate equipment for any service you need. Various tree services need specialized equipment, and a certified arborist will have the right tools to ensure they exceed your expectations. 

Here are some of the equipment professional arborists use:

  • Climbing gear
  • Trimming equipment
  • Rigging equipment for safe climbing and cutting of large trees, including pulleys, slings, carabiners, and cable hoists
  • Cutting equipment, including handsaws, wedges, pole saws, wood chippers, axes, and prunes

Once a qualified arborist evaluates your problem, they’ll know what to use to do the job effectively without compromising your safety or that of your property. 

3. Proper Tree Care Practices

Your trees need extra loving care to grow healthy and beautiful. You can count on a qualified arborist to give them the best care possible. They can quickly spot a dying or sick tree, provide an accurate diagnosis, and recommend the best course of action. 

If you don’t give your trees proper care, they can become vulnerable to insect infestations, diseases, and other health complications. You can avoid all these headaches by working with a certified arborist, as they’ll advise you on protecting your trees against various pests, diseases, and other pesky issues. Additionally, learning how to know if your tree is sick can empower you to take proactive measures and ensure the well-being of your green companions.

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