Removing Tree Stumps: DIY Vs. Professional Services

Removing dead, diseased, or decayed trees is a surefire way to maintain your property’s beautiful appearance. However, they often leave behind unsightly stumps that look almost as bad as the old tree. Although removing tree stumps yourself can help you save money, hiring a professional arborist to handle the process also has its fair share of benefits.

To help you determine the best stump removal method, Tree Pros explains the pros and cons of DIY and professional tree stump removal.

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removing tree stumps

What Is Stump Removal?

Stump removal is the process of eliminating tree stumps and roots after the tree dies, gets cut down, or falls over. It’s an incredibly laborious process that requires immense strength and specific tools to complete correctly. Professionals use stump grinders to eradicate tree stumps, turning them into sawdust in a few short minutes.

DIY or Professional Stump Removal: Which Is Best?

Although homeowners can purchase or rent a stump grinder and remove tree stumps themselves, it’s extremely difficult and strenuous. Stump grinders require tremendous strength, knowledge, and experience to operate safely, making it ideal to hire professional services. Professionals understand how to use stump grinders and will eliminate unwanted tree stumps faster and more effectively than inexperienced homeowners. 

Attempting DIY stump removal without experience can lead to numerous issues, ranging from severe injuries to a subpar final product. Professional arborists make removing tree stumps swift and stress-free, giving you an impeccable lawn without all the hassle.

Benefits of Professional Tree Stump Removal

Hiring professional stump removal services provides numerous benefits to you and your lawn. Below are just some advantages of hiring an arborist to remove tree stumps:

  • Saves time
  • Ensures a safe process
  • Typically more cost-effective than buying/renting equipment (the stump grinder, safety equipment, power tools, fuel, etc.)
  • Saves you from physical labor
  • Provide high-quality results

Tree Pros offers exceptional professional stump removal service across the greater Howard County area and will handle all your tree care needs at a price that won’t break the bank. We’ve helped countless home and business owners remove unwanted tree stumps, and our team can do the same for you.

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