Overwatered Tree Recovery: Is It Possible?

Is overwatered tree recovery possible, or will your tree die from water damage? In this post, Tree Pros, your go-to tree service experts in Clarksville, explains more about this topic and if you can save the plant. 

What Happens If You Overwater a Tree? 

Soil naturally contains air pockets that the roots need to breathe. When only water fills in these spaces, the roots slowly suffocate. If the issue continues over a lengthy period of time, the overwatered tree shows signs of distress, like drooping yellow leaves. 

Ironically, the symptoms look similar to drought stress, which sometimes leads people to exacerbate the issue with watering. 

Fortunately, it takes time for things to become so bad that the tree dies. So, can you can save it? Continue reading to learn if overwatered tree recovery is possible. 

Is Your Tree Overwatered? 

Start by checking the soil. Is it wet or simply soggy? Is it draining well? If not, you need to check for fungus at the base. If there is, consider removing the tree. If everything else appears clear, try to help the soil dry out.

How To Fix Overwatering

Now, let’s move on to overwatered tree recovery. Here, you can take a few steps. 

Stop Watering

Your first step includes not giving the tree water for a few days. If you experience rainy weather, cover the entire root area with waterproof plastic or a tarp so rain doesn’t get through. You’ll need to cover the site from the trunk to the outer drip line. 

Remove the plastic when sunny weather returns to allow the soil to dry out. 

Remove the Moisture

Taking the moisture out of the soil isn’t easy, but you can encourage evaporation and better drainage. Remove any mulch over the roots and consider punching holes into the ground. You can also carefully turn over the top layer of soil to incorporate more air. 

Relocate the Tree

It isn’t ideal to move a stressed tree, but it might be the only option if you can’t drain the area. Dig carefully and properly support the root ball during the transition. You’ll need to water the tree in its new location. 

Preventing a Recurrence

Unfortunately, overwatered tree recovery offers no guarantees, so work to prevent the issue. Unless it’s sweltering, you don’t normally have to water an established tree more than once a week. Even then, we recommend testing the soil to see if your tree needs watering. 

To do this, drive a screwdriver about two inches deep. If the soil at that level is still moist, hold off watering for another couple of days. 

Call the Professionals for the Best Chance of Success

Our top tip is to hire an arborist when you notice something wrong. Too much moisture in the soil can lead to many issues, the most serious of these being a fungal infection. As this can prove fatal, calling in the experts early makes sense. 

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