How To Know If Your Tree Is Sick

Like humans, trees can contract several diseases that reduce their appearance, well-being, and overall quality. However, many homeowners don’t know how to identify the symptoms of a sick tree or how to treat them once they catch a disease. As such, Tree Pros aims to explain how to tell if your tree is sick so you can take swift action before it worsens.

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Four Signs of Tree Illness

Most trees display warning signs once they contract a disease. Understanding these signs will make caring for sick trees easier and help you determine the best treatment for their needs. Below, we list some common indications that your tree is sick.

1. Yellow Leaves

Many sick trees develop unseasonal yellow leaves that tarnish their beautiful appearance. Yellowing leaves often signify iron chlorosis, a condition caused by iron deficiencies. 

Adding an iron-rich fertilizer to the soil will restore its nutrient levels and help the leaves retain their green color. It will also help the tree grow and thrive while making it more resistant to other diseases and tree pest infestations.

2. Spotted Leaves

Bacterial and fungal diseases often form spots along tree leaves, bark, and fruit that significantly hinder their visual appeal. These spots can overtake a tree incredibly quickly and will worsen if you don’t treat the issue swiftly. 

Make the right choice and contact a certified arborist for a professional tree assessment if your trees develop unsightly leaf spots. They will diagnose the disease, provide an effective treatment, and help you nurse the tree back to health.

3. Moldy or Fuzzy Leaves

Sometimes, diseased trees develop fuzzy, mold-like substances along their leaves. It often indicates a fungal infection that flourishes in humid and crowded environments. Although trees are susceptible to several fungal diseases, the two most common include:

  • Powdery mildew
  • Black sooty mold

Pruning infected branches and applying fungicide to leaves will help the tree recover from the ailment and prevent it from returning. Watering early in the day will also help prevent contamination and limit excess moisture when temperatures rise during the afternoon.

4. Holes in Leaves

Although pests can create holes in leaves, many diseases cause them as well. For example, shot hole disease can generate numerous tiny holes along leaves, flowers, and fruits, reducing their appearance and quality. Applying a fungal disease and trimming infected limbs will prevent the disease from spreading and help the tree regain its appearance. 

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