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Here’s When To Fertilize Fruit Trees in Your Yard

Want to learn when to fertilize fruit trees? The short answer is in early spring or late winter. In this post, Tree Pros, your expert tree service company in Clarksville, explains more about fertilizing fruit trees.

when to fertilize fruit trees

The Best Time To Fertilize Fruit Trees

You should always feed your fruit trees in the early spring or late winter. Give them the right amount of fertilizer just as they start sprouting their new growth, and they’ll reward you with a healthy crop.

Your tree needs extra nutrients during bud break and just before the flowers bloom. This works out to around six weeks before the tree reaches full flower. However, don’t feed them past July, as this can encourage leaf growth at the expense of fruit. 

The next question is when to fertilize fruit trees less than three years old. The rule is the same, except you want to perform a soil test before adding nutrients. This makes a particularly important step if you used potting mix when you planted the sapling. This usually provides rich enough soil.

How Much Fertilizer Should You Add? 

For the best results, perform a soil test to see what nutrients the soil is deficient in. Too much of a good thing can be a problem because it may mean the tree focuses on leaf growth or new sprouts rather than fruit. 

What If You Make a Mistake? 

You can easily overfeed your fruit trees but don’t panic if you do. You likely won’t kill the tree. To counteract the mistake, water the tree deeply so the extra nutrition drains away. 

Never Forget to Mulch

Mulching plays an extremely important role at this time of year. It regulates the soil temperature and helps the ground retain water. More importantly, however, it stifles weeds that compete with your tree for resources. Finally, mulch decays over time, releasing a steady stream of nutrients. 

Is the Fall a Good Time To Feed Fruit Trees?

You might want to combine fertilizing and pruning for convenience. However, this combination proves a mistake because your tree becomes dormant in the fall. It gathers all the nutrients it needs during the spring and summer, meaning you’ll waste a lot by feeding your trees in the fall.

More importantly, the nutrient boost might stimulate growth with a low chance of survival in the colder months. This is also why you don’t feed your trees during a drought or when it’s sweltering. The new growth will unlikely survive, putting your tree at risk for a premature demise. 

Instead, take the time to ensure you mulch them properly. This protects the roots and prevents severe distress.

Call Our Team for Expert Advice

Now that you know when to fertilize fruit trees, would you like some help in getting the quantities right? Hire an arborist by calling Tree Pros at (410) 771-1717 and get the right advice. We’ll help you keep your trees in the best possible condition year-round.


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