Newly Planted Tree Leaves Turning Yellow: Why It Happens in Clarksville, TN

Your tree leaves will normally change color during the season, and this shouldn’t give you a headache. However, you should be worried if it’s barely a few weeks since you planted your tree and its leaves are turning yellow. 

In this blog post, Tree Pros, a trusted provider of professional tree service in Clarksville, explores the reasons behind a newly planted tree’s leaves turning yellow and how you can effectively deal with the problem. 

newly planted tree leaves turning yellow

Why Are Your Newly Planted Tree’s Leaves Changing Color?

Young trees usually have a hard time adapting to a new environment. The sudden change in environmental conditions can result in various problems. We call this transplant shock. 

This shock often occurs at the root system. The roots may not have sufficient room to spread out, or you might not have watered them adequately after planting. This environmental stress causes the leaves to start yellowing, browning, or wilting. 

Your tree leaves may also turn yellow due to poor soil conditions or nutrient deficiencies. Iron chlorosis is a major culprit in this case. This is when your tree can’t draw adequate iron from the soil to generate the green pigment in chlorophyll. 

Luckily, you can restore your young tree’s health and make it thrive again. However, you must first ensure the tree isn’t already dead. How do you do this?

Here are a few easy-to-follow tips:

  • Try to bend the tree’s branch. The branch will easily snap if it’s dead. A live tree’s twigs should be nimble and flexible; you can easily bend the branches without breaking them. 
  • Scratch a spot on the branch using a pocket knife or your fingertip and check the layer underneath the bark. If it’s moist and bright green, your tree is still alive!

What To Do When Your Newly Planted Tree’s Leaves Are Turning Yellow

Now that you understand the reason behind a newly planted tree’s leaves turning yellow and you’ve confirmed that your tree isn’t dead, it’s time to restore its health. 

Since your tree is most probably suffering from transplant shock, you need to give it some extra loving care to make it thrive again. Here are a few tree care tips to get you started:

  • Give the roots at least one inch of water every week.
  • Apply two to four inches of mulch around the tree’s base. 
  • Avoid pruning or trimming the tree unless the branches are dead. 
  • Find a professional to perform a soil test to determine the soil pH and see what nutrients your soil lacks. The professional can then advise you on the best course of action. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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