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What Causes Holes in Trees in Clarksville, MD?

It’s normal to be worried when you notice holes in trees across your landscape. Does the tree have a disease? Is it about to die? These are all some of the questions that may circulate in your head.

While holes in trees don’t always mean the trees are about to die, you shouldn’t ignore them.

What causes these holes in the first place? The premier tree service in Clarksville will cover all the details in this post.

holes in trees

Common Causes of Tree Trunk Holes

The main causes of holes in trees include the following:

Animal Activity

Many organisms can leave cavities in tree bark while searching for food or creating a nesting site. Some of the most common culprits include:

  • Woodpeckers. These birds have powerful beaks that allow them to dig into the bark of trees in search of insects. They can create holes of different sizes and shapes, depending on what they are looking for. The larger, irregular holes are usually for nesting.
  • Sapsuckers. These birds are similar to woodpeckers because their primary source of food is behind the bark of a tree. However, they are more methodical in their approach, always working in a straight line.
  • Rodents. Rodents like squirrels can chew into trees to access the inner wood for food or to build a nest.
  • Insects. Bark beetles and other invasive species dig into trees for food and to lay eggs.

Natural Occurrences

Sometimes, those holes are not due to any pest activity. Common natural causes of holes in trees include the following:

  • Lightning strikes. Lightning strikes during storms can cause deep, irregular hollows in trees. You can identify this by the charring at the impact site.
  • Winds and storms. Strong winds can break branches and leave holes. Fallen branches during storms can also cause injuries to the tree.
  • Disease. Some fungal diseases can cause cavities and holes in tree trunks.

Human Activity

You may have caused tree hollowing inadvertently through:

  • Poor pruning and trimming habits. If your poor pruning technique leaves wounds on the tree, you can create the perfect breeding ground for insects and diseases.
  • Damage to roots and trunks. If you damage the tree’s trunks or roots during construction, decay might set in, causing the holes.

What Should You Do About Holes in Trees?

You can’t afford to ignore holes in trees. Small as they might be, they can mark the beginning of your tree’s death. Some of the things you can do include the following:

  • Call a professional tree company to treat any underlying diseases and fight off problematic pests like boring beetles.
  • Fill existing holes with caulking to give the tree a better shot at recovery.
  • Install a wire mesh or other deterrents to stop woodpeckers and sapsuckers from returning.

Get Lasting Help with Holes in Trees From the Pros

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