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5 Types of Wind-Resistant Trees in Ellicott City, MD

When selecting trees for your Maryland property, you want to choose species that are well-suited to the climate, fast-growing, and easy to care for. You also want trees that can withstand a wide range of conditions, including the area’s strong winds.

Our experience with tree removal in Ellicott City, MD, gives us great insight into wind-resistant trees you could add to your landscape. Choosing wind-tolerant trees reduces the risk of damage caused by falling trees. It also eases the hassles of cleaning up after a storm takes out more fragile species.

Here, Tree Pros offers some ideas for planting trees that withstand wind. 

What Makes a Tree Resistant to Wind?

Wind-resistant trees share some key characteristics that make them ideal for breezy areas. If you don’t want to plant any of the varieties suggested below, look for other options that have similar traits.

  • Native to your area, as they have adapted to the conditions 
  • Strong root systems, deep and extensive 
  • Flexible wood that can bend without breaking 
  • Strong trunk, ideally with one large trunk rather than several trunks branching off each other

Keeping your trees healthy with regular pruning and trimming and free of disease and pests also helps them withstand strong winds better. 

Wind-Resistant Tree Varieties for Ellicott City Properties 

Are your trees resistant to wind? Consider the following species for your yard if wind is a problem:

#1 Eastern Red Cedar

The drought-tolerant evergreen is actually a species of juniper. It grows to 30 to 40 feet tall and up to 30 feet wide. The scaly leaves resemble needles, and the trees tolerate most soil and light conditions. 

#2 Flowering Dogwood 

A lovely harbinger of spring, flowering dogwood trees blossom with white, pink, or red flowers before the leaves appear. The leaves on these trees, which can grow to about 20 feet tall, are dark green. The leaves turn red or orange in the fall. 

#3 Basswood 

If you want a tree with fragrant flowers that attract honeybees, basswood is a good choice. This deciduous hardwood, which is a very wind-resistant tree species, can grow up to 80 feet tall and 60 feet wide. It has distinctive gray bark and heart-shaped leaves. 

#4 American Beech 

The sturdy, hardwood trunk of the American beech makes it one of the most wind-resistant trees for Ellicott City. Reaching up to 80 feet tall, these trees have smooth bark and produce yellow-green flowers in the spring. They can be susceptible to drought, so it’s important to water them.

Note that these trees produce beech nuts, which can attract wildlife if you don’t clean them up. 

#5 Southern Magnolia

Southern magnolia trees are lovely evergreens prized for their large, fragrant, white flowers and glossy leaves. They can grow quite tall—up to 90 feet—but withstand extreme conditions well. 

Let Trees Pros Guide You In Choosing Wind-Resistant Trees 

If you want wind-resistant trees for your Ellicott City, MD property, talk to the experts at Tree Pros by calling (410) 771-1717. Why hire an arborist? We’ll help you find the perfect trees and keep them healthy.


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