How To Save a Damaged Tree in Clarksville, MD

Trees can be remarkably resilient. Even when almost completely destroyed, they can still bounce back from storms, blizzards, or other rough weather. 

After one of Maryland’s springtime storms, the trees on your property can suffer some serious damage.

That doesn’t mean that they’re done for, however.  If you know what you’re doing, saving a badly damaged tree is possible.

As the premiere licensed tree service company in Clarksville, we have years of experience restoring damaged trees. Here are our industry tips for how to save a damaged tree.

How To Tell If a Tree Can Be Saved

After a storm hits, inspecting trees for damage is a good idea. This lets you move quickly in salvaging a damaged tree or minimize long-term risk to your home if a tree is beyond saving.

When inspecting your trees, follow these steps:

  • Focus on the impact area first. Is the damage confined to a cluster of branches, or has it impacted the tree’s trunk? If completely uprooted, a tree usually can’t be saved. 
  • Assess the tree’s crown and leaves to determine its overall health. If most of the limbs are broken or splintered, it’s not a good sign. Trees usually need at least 50% of their leaves and branches to self-sustain.
  • Look at the surroundings. Does it still have the angle and space to regrow properly? Tree care after damage can adjust a tree’s shape or arch. If a tree’s new angle places it on a collision course with walls or powerlines, it might be time to say goodbye.
  • Does it still have access to enough water? Dehydration can kill trees very quickly.

When in doubt, call the professionals. If you’re having difficulty determining your tree’s health, calling your local tree service company will help. As a bonus, they’ll be around to help with any clean-up or repairs necessary after diagnosing your tree. 

How To Save a Damaged Tree

Time is important when reviving a tree after injury. Moving quickly and acting deliberately gives you the best chance at healing a wounded tree. Depending on where the injuries are located, follow these tree rehabilitation techniques. 

  • Clear out any broken limbs. Be careful not to damage the trunk any further while removing larger ones. 
  • Prune any debris or residue. Pay attention during this stage, as it’s often when the tree will start to stabilize. 
  • Finally, fill in any gaps with tree-friendly paint. Your local gardening store will help you find the right kind.
  • If more rough weather is on the horizon, wrap your tree to protect it further. 
  • Keep a close eye on your tree during the following weeks. More pruning may be needed.

Same thing as above: it never hurts to call the professionals when in doubt. 

Expert Tree Repair in Clarksville, MD

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