How To Cut a Leaning Tree in Clarksville, MD

Do you need to know how to cut a leaning tree? When one of your arboreal specimens starts to tilt dangerously, it becomes a ticking time bomb.

As the go-to tree service company in Clarksville, we at Tree Pros know a thing or two about tackling problematic flora before they cause serious harm. Keep reading as we share expert insight and guarantee your project’s success.

how to cut a leaning tree

Assess the Situation First

Put down that saw and gather essential information. Do you notice a compromised structure, visible rot, or moss growing on trees? Is your plant leaning toward your home, garage, or other important structures?

Challenging conditions demand professional help. Err on the side of caution, especially for towering specimens that could wreak havoc if they fall in the wrong direction.

Make Ample Preparations

The key to any successful cutting project is adequate planning. We recommend:

  • Using sharp and properly functioning shears, loppers, and chainsaws
  • Wearing protective gear like safety glasses, gloves, hard hat, and protective shoes
  • Clearing the area of people and furniture
  • Utilizing safety harnesses when working from a ladder or elevated platform
  • Having a helper nearby
  • Planning out at least two escape routes

What a Tree-Felling Process Looks Like

If you want to know how to cut a leaning tree, follow these steps meticulously:

  • Trim the canopy: When was the last time your tree received a good trim? Thin out the branches in the direction it leans; this should make it tree both lighter and more predictable as it comes down.
  • Secure the trunk: Tie a rope above the area you want to cut, and don’t make it any longer than the tree’s length. The goal is to have something to tug from a safe distance in case the specimen refuses to fall from gravity alone.
  • Make the notch: Make a flat cut on the leaning side, then make a slanted cut at the opposite end. Leave about three-quarters of the trunk intact.
  • Perform the felling cut: Move to the opposite side of the tree and begin cutting through the notch on the other end. Stop until you only have a third of the trunk for more control over the fall — larger specimens need a felling wedge to keep the trunk from trapping the saw blade.
  • Finish up: Saw the remaining trunk, knock out the wedges in the lean’s direction, and move far away from the tree as quickly as you can! Gravity should do the rest when done correctly.

Trusted Tree Cutting Specialists in Clarksville, MD

Why risk your life and limb when Tree Pros has you covered? Even the savviest gardeners need a helping hand sometimes, especially for tougher projects that require specialized skills and equipment.

Our crew knows how to cut a leaning tree swiftly, safely, and efficiently. We can also grind the leftover stump to free up valuable yard space and prevent unwanted regrowth.

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