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How To Properly Care for Mature Trees in Your Ellicott City, MD, Property

Homeowners often neglect the mature trees in their yards, giving their younger counterparts more attention. By the time a tree has grown to maturity, it has overcome the obstacles young ones face, but that doesn’t mean it no longer needs care. Every tree, regardless of its age, can use a helping hand. 

As a highly rated tree removal contractor in Ellicott City, Maryland, the Tree Pros crew has created this guide for mature tree care. Keep reading to explore essential tips for maintaining healthy mature trees.  

Start as Early as Possible  

All trees require nurturing to thrive, from the very first days of development to when they reach full maturity. Start proper tree care early for best results. 

  • Plant the right tree in the right place. When planting the tree, avoid planting it too deep to prevent premature root damage. 
  • Give the tree sufficient water. New trees need about four to 10 gallons of water weekly during the first two growing seasons, while mature trees require about an inch of water per week.  
  • Apply two to four inches of mulch around your tree to help retain soil moisture and protect your tree trunks from potential accidents by trimmers and mowers.  
  • Consider slow-release fertilization. This will ensure your tree receives the necessary nutrients consistently as it grows. Soil often lacks these vital nutrients because of factors like home construction and soil compaction.  
  • Consistently prune to keep the tree strong and healthy. Pruning eliminates deadwood and clears damaged twigs, allowing the tree to channel its energy into healthy growth.  

Tips To Maintain a Mature Tree  

Taking care of mature trees calls for a proactive approach. The following steps will help you create an optimal environment that minimizes tree stress:   

  • Monitor your trees frequently for tree diseases and pests or symptoms of decay. Stay alert for stress signals like cracks or holes in the bark, wilted or spotted foliage, yellowing, and other signs of less-than-healthy trees.  
  • Minimize soil compaction around your tree; proper mulching can help with this.  
  • Prune your trees regularly and properly. Hire an expert for the best results.  
  • Use cabling and bracing to secure large branches when necessary, ensuring their safety.  
  • Water your trees properly and fertilize the soil if necessary to promote healthy growth and development.  
  • Avoid damaging the bark and root system, and don’t pile lawn clippings around trees.  
  • Steer clear of harmful practices like tree topping. 

You also want to hire a certified arborist to inspect your tree at least once annually for signs of stress and provide other essential services to keep your mature trees happy.  

Expert Tree Care in Ellicott City, Maryland  

Tree Pros will do everything from plant health care to tree removal, including fertilization services. As a full-service tree care company with a competent team of seasoned professionals, we know how to give mature trees the TLC they need to flourish. 

Need tips on how to move a tree without killing it? Trust our experienced crew for expert advice and guidance.  

Call Expert Tree Care at (410) 771-1717 for your next tree service in Ellicott City, Maryland.  


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