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How to Stop Tree Root Sprouts in Clarksville, MD?

If you notice small sprouting bodies coming up near the roots of your trees, you have a case of tree root sprouts on your hands. Although it might not seem like a big deal, tree root sprouts are usually a sign of a deeper problem that can fester if you do not address it quickly. With that in mind, the team at Tree Pros is here to discuss how to stop tree root sprouts. 

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What Are Tree Root Sprouts?

Tree root sprouts or “root suckers” are small planting bodies that can start growing near the roots of downed or healthy trees. Root sprouting can happen in all tree species but are most common in oaks, poplars, cottonwoods, and maples. 

Roots sprout when they are in distress and are a means of enduring damage. However, tree root sprouts are problematic as they can steal essential nutrients from the main tree body, causing it to wither and die. 

As such, your best course of action is to remove any sprouts and stop further ones from growing. 

Tree Root Sprout Treatment Methods

The earlier you address root sprouts, the easier it will be to protect and heal your trees. Below are some of the most common methods to prevent tree roots from sprouting in the lawn. 

Root Cutting

The easiest solution is cutting the sprouts away as soon as they form. Using pruning shears cut the sprouts as close to the base of the stem as you can. You can remove any root sections that are too damaged by sprouting. 

Rock Salt Treatments

Rock salt is another common root sprout treatment method. Rock salt can dry out and kill root sprouts before they take hold. However too much salt can also dehydrate healthy root tissue. 

Growth Inhibitors

You can also apply growth inhibitors to stop root sprouts in their tracks. Growth inhibitor hormones can stop seed germination and kill active root sprouts while stopping new ones from forming. Plant hormones are complex and improper application can stunt healthy tree growth, so we advise hiring a professional for inhibitor treatments if you go this route. 

How to Prevent Root Sprouts

You can follow these tips to reduce the chances of root sprouting. 

  • Prune trees regularly and cut shoots as soon as they are visible. When cutting, cut as close to the base of the stem as you can. 
  • Frequently mulch the area beneath your trees. Remulching helps retain moisture and discourages sprouting bodies. 
  • When planting trees, make sure they are far enough away that roots have enough horizontal space to avoid twisting and root distress. 

Arborist Services in Clarksville, MD

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